​Here another shape                  Lay some wool fleece on the top for

of the top from felt                    hair. Glue to secure to the head.

​Secure with a small stitch        You can use an acorn cap or felt

​in the center to the petals        hat or style the hair . Leave glue to


​Have fun. Many more figures can be made. I have a puppet set with a knight, dragon and princess. Let your imagination run wild

​Flower children puppets or pencil toppers

Easy to make for hours of play

​Draw a paper pattern of a small top. Cut this out from Felt. Cut a small hole in the top. Slide over the pipe cleaner and blanket stitch the sides. Cut arms to size , add a small amount of PVA glue to the pipe cleaner for the head bead and hands. Push on and hold. Leave to dry


Fold pipe cleaner in 1/2           Slide petals over pipe cleaner

Tape to stick                              Secure with small stitches to felt

Cut small piece of felt,             Fold 2nd pipe cleaner in 1/2

​glue and blanket stitch           around  the vertical for the arms

​around tape on stick.

Materials and tools:

Woolen felt, Embroidery thread

fabric flower petals, coloured fleece

Pipe cleaners 10 cm pieces

Beads 18 mm and 6mm

Sticks, Sticky tape

PVA glue, scissors, needle